Tenkara pyrénées and the Tenkara fishing style

Who is Tenkara pyrénées ?

Tenkara Pyrénées is the first brand in Europe to propose you rods top of the range Japanese allying a perfect balance and a high-quality Japanese factory.

Our manufacturer of Japanese rods is settled in Japan since the 1950s, it is one of the oldest companies of manufacturing of Tenkara rods of Japan. All our Japanese rods are the fruit of more than 60 years of work, innovation and collaboration with the fishermen, the most influential guides of Japan to supply you with products of exception for your pleasure to fish.

We make it a point of honor to supply : 

  • High quality products
  • Expert customer service
  • A first break warranty for any of our rods (exclusively by Tenkara Pyrénées) 

Novelties wait for you on our site, for the peach(fishing) in nymph and a new cane.

On our blog you will find new videos, to discover Tenkara, big fishes of New Zealand and many of the other news.

Thank you again for your confidence(trust), and see you soon by the river!

The Tenkara Pyrénées team.

History of the Tenkara


Tenkara in an ancestral technique of  fly fishing which consists in using a rod and a line only. This technique is both simple and very efficient and it is really suitable to fishing in small rivers.

Tenkara has been practiced in Japan since the 8th century.

This word stands for the way a fly softly lands on the water (in Japanes «fallen from the sky»).

Used in past times by peasants to guarantee a meal based on fish, this type of fishing is still very popular there

Contrary to this technique,  similar fishing techniques in Russia, Italy, North of Spain and mountainous parts of France have nearly disppeared.

For some years, Tenkara practice has been developing a lot in the USA but remains restricted in Europe.